For Providers

With Global Health Link™ and Physicians Exchange Link™, hospitals benefit from a comprehensive and effective, fully managed system for international patient services.

Through GCI's Global Health Link™ service, hospitals have access to the most comprehensive international patient service available. GCI will manage all necessary steps to ensure your international patient program is a success, including:

  • Marketing program development
  • In-country lobbying and promotion
  • Global healthcare conference support
  • Patient logistics administration
  • Cross-cultural staff training
  • 24 hour interpretation

Working with international patients goes beyond providing superior services. With Gulf Care International’s Physician Exchange Link™, you will have access to a wonderful new resource to train and enrich your doctors’ global experience and outreach efforts.

Physician Exchange Link™ is designed to provide a professional, cross-cultural experience for doctors. Doctors will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with contemporaries from the patient’s host country. Through an exchange of expertise, ideas, and information, healthcare professionals in both locations will see an increase in knowledge and understanding of their patients. Additionally, this program will also ensure continuity of care for patients as they transition back to their treating physician.

Physician Exchange Link™ improves patient treatment and bolsters international dialogue by offering:

  • In-country visit with all expenses paid
  • Lecture opportunities for professional development
  • Training sessions for host country medical colleagues
  • Patient visitations and consultations
  • Professional networking and exchange programs

If your facility is interested in Global Health Link™ and/or Physicians Exchange Link™, kindly contact us online or call +1 (312) 334-2513.